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Pre-admission committee

For each pre-admission round, the IR Commission will evaluate the online applications complete with the required documentation and submitted through the dedicated portal (, according to the calendar below:

rounds for a.y. 2021/2022

to submit the
pre-admission onlineapplication

Meeting of IR Commission 
to evaluate the pre-admission
online applications

notification to applicants

1st round 16th December  2020
18 th December 2020

23rd December 2020

2nd round 22th January  2021
25 th January

1 st February
3rd round 20th March 2021

22 th March

29 th March

4th round 22 th May
31 th May

7 th June

The response of the IR Commission will be sent to the applicants by email.
Eligible foreign candidates will also receive by e-mail a pre-admission letter in order to carry on pre-enrollment procedures at the Italian Consulate.

For enquiries, please contact: