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The master's degree in Global Politics and International Relations / GPR) entirely taught in English, aims at prodiving students with a considerable flexibility in problem solving, a likely feature of their future employment experience.

Post-graduate students will be able to properly employ those analytical tools acquires when attending courses in politics, economics, sociology, history, law and foreign languages.

Global Politics and International Relations offers the benefit of small classes and of a fresh and interactive environment.

Courses are taught with a special attention to the current development and phenomena in each field, and students are always encouraged to nurture their own critical approach and supported to express their skills and follow their inclinations.

The inter-disciplinary features, as well as the traditionally international enrollment of this course are meant to guarantee an enhanced employability of the successful students so improving their chance on the labour market be it in Italy or abroad.

Students have come so far from 40 different countries. The international nature of our classes is the privileged content where to learn the essential qualities for a good, dialogical and responsible leadership.

From 2016-2017 a.y. the GPR master's degree offers three different study plans

curriculum "International politics and economic relations / IPER" (study plan_pdf): an advanced training course on the international relations field

curriculum "International economic relations / IER" (study plan_pdf): focused on training on economic and trade relations

curriculum "International politics / IP" (study plan_pdf ): particulary focused on governance and public policy issues