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10 SCHOLARSHIPS UNIMC for international students

Deadline: Tuesday April 23rd 2019 h.14.00 (Italian Time)


The University of Macerata (UNIMC) offers 10 scholarships to international students willing to enrol in the first year of a Master’s degree (2-year postgraduate degree program), a.y. 2019-2020.

To be considered an international student you need to hold a valid qualification providing access to a Master’s degree programme obtained outside the Italian education system.

To verify your eligibility for the scholarships and for detailed information on the admission requirements, please refer to “Art. 3 - Admission requirements” of the Call for scholarships.

Each scholarship amounts to 5.000,00 €.

Applications must be submitted within Tuesday April 23rd 2019 h. 14.00 (Italian Time), exclusively through the online form . The ranking list will be published in May 2019.

In order to be admitted and enrol in the chosen programme, non-EU students residing abroad must respect VISA procedures and deadlines concerning the access of foreign students to Italian university courses set in the Regulations issued by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).

The call for application as available at

For further information, do not hesitate to contact