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Booking Conditions, a.y. 2016/2017


1. The "Accommodation Reservation Form" is sent by email upon request at;

2. Completed form must be received at the “il Faro guesthouse” e -mail ( in CC field) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE;

3. The following documents must be attached to the email:

  • “Accommodation Reservation Form” filled and signed;
  • Scanned copy of the passport (for Non-EU applicants) or Identity Card ( for EU applicants)


4. To confirm the accommodation a payment of €100 for security deposit must be made in advace;

5. The “il Faro guesthouse” will send the "Regulations of Student Residences" to the applicants;

6. Before checking-in the "Regulations of student residences"  must be signed and returned to the “il Faro guesthouse” for approval.


Important Information:

1. Mid and long term housing agreements are preferred;

2. Rooms will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis until all places are filled;

3. The common kitchen can only be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Accommodation offers can also be found on the various notice boards of each Department. Since the demand on housing is high, it is important to start looking for accommodation in advance.


If you wish to rent a room in a private shared flat, you could stay temporary at the Asilo Ricci hostel , Domus San Giuliano and/or Madison Village Residence and then move into the accommodation you choose.

You can also have a look for postings on this on-line notice board:


For  other accommodation options in Macerata please click here